I'm intrigued about the implications of moving from a recurring revenue model to a 1 time payment for (possibly) lifetime membership. Do you not see this as a concern?

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Check out Bored Breakfast Club

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Thanks for sharing Peter!

Can you talk me through how fans share in the upside of the NFT as it becomes more valuable? I don't see how this works in reality.

If I am a holder the only way for me to share in the upside of a price rise is to sell my NFT and therefore my access?

It doesn't really make sense to me why someone would do that if they love the creator and the community unless to make a quick buck which you point out.

Would love to hear your thoughts.

Thanks so much, I get a lot out of your content!

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Now think of another way to use NFTs as a creator. Imagine telling your community: every time you buy my NFTs, XX% of the sales go into a community treasury and we decide together what to do with that treasury. By doing this, you become more than just an "influencer". You and your community can fund things and have a real impact on the things that matter to you. At Uncut.fm, we have podcasters who are willing to do this with their communities, either to co-invest together, give grants, produce content, pay active members, fund charities.... The DAO effect!

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