My Book, Principles of Product Management, is Now Available!

In 2019, I decided to write a book to help new and aspiring product managers land a PM job and launch their careers. I’m excited to share that Principles of Product Management is now available!

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What The Book is About

Through my experience and conversations with others, I’ve learned how tough it is to become a product manager and launch your product career. This is the book that I wish I had when I first got started.

The book includes almost 200 pages of best practices from what I learned on the job at Amazon, Facebook, and other companies on:

  1. 💡 Principles: When your product fails to get traction, when your team falls apart, or when you get tough feedback — these are all opportunities to learn principles to become a better PM.

  2. 🔨 Product Development: Learn how to work backward from the customer problem, identify the right product to build, and execute with your team to bring the product to market.

  3. ✅ Getting the Job: Understand how to transition to PM from another field, select the right company, and prep for the three most common types of PM interviews — product sense, execution, and behavioral.

The book also includes interviews with product leaders at Airbnb, Amazon, Google, and more on what they wish they knew when they started their career.

What This Book is Not About

This is not a book with one key idea repeated ad nauseum. It’s not a book written by consultants or interview practice firms. It’s also not a collection of blog posts. This is a book with practical advice from what I learned in the trenches of product management, for people who are interested in the field or early in their careers.

So happy reading and remember to always have the courage to go after what you want.