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Thank you for this piece with Elena about solopreneurship - I love her advice about being honest with ourselves. One of my beginner's dilemma is how to get started and how much to plan in advance. But I'm also excited to learn from the networks around me, you, Elena, and almost all EIRs at Reforge seem to figure it out :)

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This was very generous of Elena. Btw. Verna has the potential for a rocketing brand name.

And Peter did a strategic framework for this interview sourcing all the nuggets with wise questions. He was clear what he wants for his reader to get. 🙌🏻

Honestly, at the end of 2022. I was thinking of unsubscribing from Pete's Newsletter, in my already scarce subscription list (cognitive real estate). Not because Pete's content isn't good but because I'm far from overseas models in work, in my small country. Your teachings about PMs don't apply to my niche but then... "all of a sudden", with the last 3 letters everything starts to resonate.

I inform my knowledge with varied fields to supplement holistic brand consultancy. I'm glad I stick to your Newsletter.

On this week's topic, it took me 2 years to understand my USP and encourage myself to be a rare niche - creative consultant slash SME in branding. Not a solopreneur but the principles that Elena mentioned apply.

Thank you both, wonderful people. Pete, I look forward to the next 💌 It's becoming unpredictable.

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Inspiring, and totally logical application of PLG in career building. Thanks for this piece!

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Huge value in this piece. Thanks Peter and Elena for sharing.

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