Great advice here! My key takeaway is to interact more with large accounts if you're just getting started, "If you have no followers, your goal should be to go where the audience is."

It's kind of interesting how that process may eventually siphon attention away from the large accounts over time, but that's just social media I guess.

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Hi Peter, Do you now how many of those new followers become newsletter subscribers? I'd love to hear how Twitter success translates to newsletter subscribers.

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Hahaha, I'm one of the people who liked and shared that tweet and it's fun to be a part of history :p

Glad to have discovered your Substack though! Came for the shitposts, staying for the content.

I'm trying to write threads on finance and investing myself and it's a bit frustrating when they don't take off... Hearing your story gives hope and inspiration! Thanks for sharing.

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