Craft is the missing piece in most product sense talk. It feels a bit like art and science - would love to see more concrete examples too!

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Hi Peter - I love this piece, demystifying and democratizing “product sense.”

One callout - I think it’s important at #3 to emphasize this isn’t a solo effort but a _collaborative_ approach between Product, Tech, and UX.

Good PMs can obsess about this stuff and go off and write memos and PRDs & open bug tickets.

Great PMs lead with Vision and Strategy to get the best out of their team in the service of creating a great product that also delivers business value.


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Nice breakdown. I’m curious: how do you see design and designers fitting into / overlapping with this definition?

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Who is writing UX for Substack? Is making a mistake with "Support Creator Economy by Peter Yang". Support? It sounds like out of pity instead of gifting. We know that money is the energy and that the only natural way to show appreciation for the gift of reading this Newsletter weekly is to "upgrade to paid".

Speaking of product sense, UX matters!

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Just jumped from your Rick Ling interview to this post. Funny how they both echo the ‘be your product’s user’ sentiment. It’s super important to me.

I’m currently reading Steve Jobs’ biography. When his team finishes the Macintosh, he gets everyone who worked on it to sign their name inside the box. That’s exactly what your ‘craft for making a quality product’ is all about. Make decisions as if your name was going to go inside the box.

Good framework.

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