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I write this newsletter to help people get smarter about products, creators, and AI. I also host a podcast called Behind the Craft where I interview top product leaders and creators. Here are some stats of my audience:

  • Reach:

    • 80,000+ newsletter subscribers

    • 200,000+ followers across LinkedIn and X

  • Audience:

    • Tech professionals (28% product leaders, 18% founders/CEOs)

    • 35% based in the US

  • Open rate: 40%

  • Sponsorship link CTR: 1-2%

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There are two sponsorship options:

  • $1,000 to be featured on a single post

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Please note that I reserve the right to decline sponsors that aren’t a good fit for my content (you’ll get a full refund if so).

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Short ads with lead magnets and clear CTAs perform the best. Here’s an example:

  • Title: Brought to you by…Amplitude

  • Copy: Product-led growth is having a moment. Get our comprehensive PLG guide with advice and tactics from 25 industry experts for free.

  • CTA: Get the Guide Now

Bonus if you can offer a discount to my subscribers (e.g.,

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  1. Reserve your slot.

  2. I’ll email you to coordinate a slot.

  3. Send me your ad copy and I’ll edit it to fit my voice.

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