Something happened to the tech career.

If you’re like me, you joined the industry to craft products that customers love. But somewhere along the way, things changed for many of us.

Today, climbing the corporate ladder has become the norm, job security has become an illusion, and pushing metrics and headcount have overshadowed the joy of building something meaningful.

It’s time for us to take back control of our careers.

I’ve spent 10+ years leading product teams at Meta, Amazon, Reddit, and Roblox and have 200K+ followers across social. My mission is to guide you back to why you joined tech in the first place:

  1. Crafting products that you’re proud of

  2. Using AI to save time and bring your ideas to life

  3. Building your creator brand and business

This newsletter is about the above topics. But ultimately, it’s about:

Taking back control of your craft, your time, and your career.

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Creator track

  1. My 5 favorite AI prompts for writing
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  2. The dos and don’ts of online courses 🔒
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    Jay Clouse (founder, Creator Science) on his PARTS framework for new creators

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