Sitemap - 2023 - Creator Economy by Peter Yang

Nikhyl Singhal (VP Meta): How to Advance Your Product Management Career (Part 1)

Rick Ling: Inside How Discord Builds Products and Communities

How to Write Cold Emails and DMs That Actually Get Replies

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Lane Shackleton (CPO Coda): 5 Proven Rituals to Level Up Your Product Team

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10 Advanced Tips to Ace Your PM Behavioral Interviews

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Product Track Overview

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Kaz Nejatian (COO, Shopify): Why Shopify Elevated the Non-Manager Career Path and Ditched Meetings

Wes Kao (Co-Founder, Maven): The Dos and Don't of Online Courses

The #1 Equation for Making Irresistible Products

My 5 Favorite AI Prompts for Writing

How to Run Experiments That Don't Suck

Akshay Kothari (COO, Notion): How Notion Builds AI Products with the Community

Jackie Bavaro: How to Crack Your Product Strategy

Ammaar Reshi: How to use AI to Create Children’s Books, Animated Shorts, and More

Trung Phan (Bearly AI): 600,000 Followers from Smart Threads and Dumb Memes

How to Listen Well to Build Trust

Connie Chan (a16z): How Gen AI Will Reshape How We Learn, Connect, Shop, and Create

Barak Turovsky (Exec In Residence): How to Evaluate Generative AI Use Cases

The Day You Stopped Making Compromises on Product Quality

Keren Baruch (PM Director, LinkedIn): How Creators Can Thrive on LinkedIn

Jay Clouse (Creator Science): How to Make $500K Online as a Knowledge Creator

The 5-Step Playbook to Turn Your Knowledge into Income Online

Ankur Nagpal (Founder, Ocho): How Creators and Business Owners Can Build Wealth

How to Run Meetings That Don't Suck

How to Make Great Decisions Async and Avoid Endless Meetings

Amit Fulay (VP, Microsoft): Product Lessons from Google, Meta, and Microsoft

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The Future of Search is Conversations

Elena Verna (Growth Advisor): The Journey From Growth Leader to Solopreneur

How to Talk to Customers to Gather Useful Insights

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